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Island Delivery Service was made in 48 hours during the global game jam 2018.

The theme of this year was : Transmission..
The game is a first person walking simulator where you have to find your way in a little island to deliver gifts to the inhabitants. You're new ? Don't worry, they will help you with the maps they designed.

The nice people who contributed to the project :
Claire Vellas : Level Design - http://clairevellas.com/ - https://twitter.com/ClaireDeChat
Leo Lefebvre : Programing - http://leolefebvre.wixsite.com/portfolio - https://twitter.com/troleoleo
Nal Norma : Art - https://mjseillet.artstation.com/ - https://twitter.com/NalNorma
Sacha Chouery : Level Design - http://schouerybook.fr/

We also used free assets from the unity asset store :
- Natural Pack
- PolyWorks
- SkySeries Freebie

And we used a free music from the internet : Andrewkn

If can find our source files here https://github.com/leolefebvre/Bear-GGj2018 (undocumented obviously)

Install instructions

Unzip the file and launch the exe.

If you are using a non qwerty keyboard, you can edit the keys on the launch window.


IslandDeliveryService.zip 89 MB

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